When Your Heart Hurts, Look at the Sky


A perfect sunflower from my garden

Someone close to me said some extremely unkind words to me today. It hurt my heart. At first, I wanted to run and hide under the covers. Then I wanted to scream  “Why did you say those things? Don’t you know it hurt my heart?”

Finally, I just sat in front of my computer looking at the screen. Then I petted my cats. Then I made a phone call to a good friend who understands this situation. Then I was up and down the rest of the afternoon, getting nothing done except my dishes. Finally, I went to see some people tonight. I feel better now, but my heart still aches.

We all say mean-spirited things to people. Some of us do it more often than others. Some of us hardly do it at all. When I was growing up, I know I wounded my parents with my Scorpio tongue. I never thought about how my words might impact them…I just said what I wanted to say.

When I married, my husband helped me around the house. He did the best he could. But I would get angry and say he had done things the wrong way. Pretty soon he stopped helping.

Some time ago I decided I don’t ever want to hurt people with angry words again. I’m working on it.

Lots of us don’t realize that we can never take back the words we say when we are upset. It’s all about US – OUR feelings, OUR situation, OUR take on things. And so the harsh words jump out of our mouths faster than the frogs in the jumping contest in Calaveras, California.

Probably most of us apologize eventually. Not always, and not everyone, but my guess is most of us. We say we’re sorry. We utter that we’ll never do it again. We beg for forgiveness. We see the look on someone’s face after we say something painful to them and wish we could have thought before we said it. Some of us do that.

Other people never look back. They decide they’re entitled to express their feelings no matter who they hurt. These people are arrogant in my opinion. They believe that because they have the right to verbally stomp on anyone they want.They don’t want or believe in forgiveness, and they’re very unhappy people.

When someone barges into your consciousness with cruel words, what can you do?

You can do like I did and do a bunch of different things to try to take your mind off of the incident.

You can pray for the person to have what you want.

And, you can look at the sky like the sunflower picture at the top of this post and know that, just as with everything else…this too shall pass. God’s light is shining on you, even if you’re hurting.

I hope nobody hurt you today and that you did not hurt anyone. But if they did or if you did, forgive them and forgive yourself. The power of forgiveness is one of the greatest natural remedies for heart hurts.



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3 responses to “When Your Heart Hurts, Look at the Sky

  1. Judy Manning

    May life give you sunshine and strawberries.
    May those who hurt you, never have to face that pain but be given understanding instead.
    We can only be truly hurt by those we love and then only because we allow it.
    Pray for them, let your prayers become whispers on the wind carried by the beating of angel wings to Gods ears.
    May he bless you my friend.

  2. Shirley Colley

    Thank you, Thank you for the words. They were just what I needed
    today and yesterday. God Bless you for your writing.
    Love Shirley

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