“Shame on You” and Other Useless Emotions

Wonder what this owl is feeling? This photo By: manicmorff on morguefile.com

When was the last time you felt fear, guilt or sank into a depression? How long has it been since a simple conversation turned into an angry argument? Can you remember the last time you accused someone of “not caring,” when in fact you just weren’t getting what you wanted? You developed a resentment because someone wasn’t living up to your expectations when? You’re wallowing in self-pity because your finances aren’t what you want them to be?

The above are just a very few of the useless emotions people feel every day. We get angry at the people we love the most because they’re the ones who are closest to us, and we think that no matter what we say, they’ll always forgive us. Do they? No, not always. People reach a breaking point sometimes, and that is why so many families have members who haven’t spoken to each other for years. Instead of forgiving, these people decide it’s just not worth the pain anymore. And what is the pain? The pain is trying to change someone else; the pain is not trying to REALLY understand someone; the pain is in thinking we don’t need so and so in our lives, even if that person is a brother, sister, mother, father, other relative or friend.

And then we justify our decision to stop caring. Hah! As for me, I can justify anything if given half a chance. And I have done that a lot in the past. Now I’m finally growing up (what is that, anyway?) and just want to get along with people, feel peace in my home and heart, and do what I can to help others.

Are these lofty goals? Yes. But they beat the heck out of frustration, jealousy, anxiety, envy and regret.

It’s interesting how one useless emotion leads to another. Anger may turn into depression. Fear can become anxiety. Pride leads to resentment.

I no longer let useless emotions rule my life. I try to get out of the problem and into the solutions. Yes, I said ‘solutions.’ I believe there are five elegant solutions to every inelegant problem. You just have to dig deep to find the different ways to solve a problem.

I’ve had enough anger, guilt, shame, envy, self-pity and fear in my life to last the rest of my life.

So, for today, I wish you a lack of useless emotions that drain you, suck the life out of you and make it impossible to enjoy all of God’s many miracles of nature, people and life itself.



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4 responses to ““Shame on You” and Other Useless Emotions

  1. Shirley Colley

    Great blog. Makes me want to strive for peace & love tomorrow.
    Thanks Ellie

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