One Brief Shining Moment

Camelot. A beautiful and stirring musical. If you don’t remember the title song, here’s a link to it so you can listen to it while you read my blog (it will open up in another page).

One brief shining moment. Ever had one? Of course you have. We all have. Maybe it was the time your fifth grade teacher praised your work. You knew you’d done a good job, but you never expected his or her praise.

Perhaps it was the time you planted a garden. After it had time to grow, you looked out at it and thought, “This is so beautiful. And I played a big part in making it so!.”

One of your brief, shining moments may have been the day your son or daughter was born. If you’re a woman, you probably thought, “What a miracle. This beautiful baby actually grew inside me.” If you’re a man, you may have said to yourself, “I can’t believe I had a part in this incredible moment.”

A brief shining moment could have occurred when you graduated from school, got a raise or promotion at your job,  played a part in a school or professional play, had someone call you and compliment you on something, and they’d never even met you in person!

Brief and shining moments happen all the time, don’t they? Another example is you making a decision to marry the person you love or moving to a different place because you know there is more opportunity there. And, they are not dependent on another person. That’s the same as saying another person can’t make you happy. Happiness  comes from within.

What would happen if you wrote down your list of brief shining moments and carried it around with you? Then, when you felt yourself getting upset by another person, place or thing, you could pull out your list and take yourself back to one of those moments.

I think our lives would have much less stress in them if we all did this on a regular basis. After all, who could stay upset knowing they’re in “Camelot” for one brief shining moment?



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4 responses to “One Brief Shining Moment

  1. My brief but shining moments was when I received my College Degree from
    San Jose Univ at the age of 44 yrs and also receiving my pilots license
    the same year. I truly love seeing nature, a tall pine tree or a beautiful

  2. Ellie,
    My first shining moment was when I was baptized a Christian. this happened in 1976. My second shining moment was when I was in college in an English class. I had done an extra credit assignment. My professor called me over to his desk after class and told me that if I continued on the course I was, I would end up being a very successful writer. He even went on to tell me I would be the best writer in the world. His words stuck inside of me so hard that I did everything to learn my craft so I could reach that plateau. I believe I am there (no not as the best writer in the world, but as a successful writer).
    My third shining moment was when I got married in 1982. I got divorced in 1997. My forth shining moment was when I was written up in Forbes magazine a few years ago.
    My fifth shining moment was when I met you. You brightened by life and help give it more meaning. I still feel that way. I am so glad we are the best of friends.

    Take care and be well, Ellie.


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