What Christmas is All About

My grandson 9 years ago at Christmas

That would have made my grandson about five years old. Wow, how time flies. And look at his face, so filled with innocence and happiness. It didn’t take much to make that five-year old boy happy.

On the radio today I heard a woman say that she bought her two-year old Christmas presents worth $200 last year, and this year she threw them out…that they were nearly new.

I wondered, “Why didn’t you donate them to some kids in need? Will you spend that much money on your three-year old this year? What did it feel like to throw away $200 worth of perfectly good toys?”

The radio didn’t answer.

But tonight, the Charlie Brown Christmas show did.

It’s been years since I saw it. Antiques Roadshow (my favorite Monday night TV show) was not on tonight, due to a fund-raising drive. So, I thought I’d watch Charlie Brown and pals.  I watched Lucy try to find out the root of Charlie Brown’s problems for just a nickle. I watched her talk him into being the director of the Christmas play.

And then, eventually, Charlie asked Linus what Christmas was all about, and Linus quoted from the Bible about the night of Christ’s birth.

And bingo. There it was. What Christmas is all about.

How many people do you know who celebrate Christmas but don’t believe in Jesus?

How many wrap presents, bake cookies and watch their kids in Christmas plays without ever reading the Nativity story to their kids?

The lights go on, and lo, they are so colorful. The displays go up in the stores, and wow, what a deal that is.

We dress up our dogs and then ourselves for holiday parties. We put up our trees and make sure all the ornaments are in the right place. We take our kids to see the Nutcracker and stand in line for hours to get that special deal at Best Buy.

I ho9pe you don’t forget my bingo this year. What Christmas is all about. It’s about the one who came to save us from ourselves, to set us free forever, and to love us even when we feel most unlovable.

Merry Christmas, everyone.



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4 responses to “What Christmas is All About

  1. Couldn’t have said it better Ellie Good thoughts.

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