How Important Is It, Anyway?


My peaceful and serene abode

The last time you spit out a few choice words and maybe a gesture to the person who nearly caused you to have an accident on the freeway, how important was your reaction anyway?

When you remind your other half, partner, spouse or housemate to stop leaving the cap off the toothpaste for the umpteenth, zillionth time (is zillionth a word? lol), how important is it anyway?

I’ve been thinking about this for the last 24 hours, ever since I found out one of my two close friends here in Spartanburg died. I remember our last words to each other a week ago, “Love you,” and “I love you,” with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Now, THAT’S important, don’t you agree?

So you drop the butter on the floor. Do you think it will make any different a hundred years from now? Probably not. I remember back in 1979 I was housemates with another woman my age. I had just separated from my husband and Anne was the perfect roommate. She was loving and kind, generous and caring, and her faith was something to be admired. Anyway, one day she dropped the butter on the floor as she took it out of the fridge. She leaned over, picked it up, and threw it against the wall. She didn’t swear or act upset. I stood there with my mouth open. “Why did you do that?” I said.

“Because the butter wasn’t good anymore anyway, and it was just my way of expressing frustration at having dropped it. I know I’ll have to clean up two messes now, but it sure did feel good to throw it against the wall!”

I’ve never forgotten that (obviously). Dropping the butter wasn’t important. Throwing it against the wall was, because in that way, she could express her aggravation in a healthy way.

Does it really help to yell at your child when s/he doesn’t do exactly what you want him/her to do at the moment you request it? Does the sound of your loud voice enhance lives, whether it be your children, your spouse or your parents or friends? Nope.

Fifteen years from now, will you be remembered for speaking quietly, smiling greatly and letting people know how important they are in your life?

Or will others remember you as complaining, whining and gossiping about your neighbor?

What were the last words you spoke to the people in your life last night or your kids before they left for school this morning? I hope they were loving and sweet.

I wish for you all the good things and feelings in this world. While we might not always be able to control things (life just happens sometimes), we can control our attitudes toward those things, situations and people. And the more peaceful we are, the more we express our gratitude, and the more ways we let God’s light shine through us, the happier we and all the people we know will be in the long run.

Have a blessed day.



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  1. Shirley Colley

    Right back at you! Love Shirley

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