Ahhhh – Comfort Food

Okay, this was our first meal in Costa Rica in 2009. What does this have to do with comfort food? Everything, because eating foreign food in a foreign land is like having comfort food every day. Photo taken by my talented daughter, Molly Jones.

Well, shucks. I’ve gained a bit of weight this week. Why? Because I’ve been eating comfort food. After working so hard to lose weight over the last few months, I thought I was done with obsessive, unhealthy eating. But no, I guess I wasn’t. I know some of you have suffered through these similar bouts yourselves because we’ve talked about it.

Comfort food – what are your favorites? Mine are Walker’s Shortbread cookies, Cheez-its, Anna’s Ginger cookies (available now at Big Lots and Ikea), and well, you get the picture. Things that go crunch in the night, usually.

If I would eat them during the day, I probably wouldn’t have gained any weight. But no, I ate them at night, which is often when we all eat comfort food.

I know why I did this last week (not so much this week, though this blog was actually started last week). It’s because I went away on a wonderful trip (on which I lost weight, by the way – just a couple of pounds, but hey – a couple of pounds is a couple of pounds, right? 🙂

I came back and started eating because I didn’t want to come back. It’s spring. Flowers are blooming all over the country, the weather is balmy and beautiful, and I don’t want to be here. I want to be there, wherever there is.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about moving to a foreign country. To live, not just to visit. Which one? Well, probably Uruguay, Costa Rica or Ecuador. Why? Because I love being an expat. Why not? Because I think maybe if I did that I might decide to move again in a couple of years or more. Seems kind of to be my portion in life (moving every couple of years or so). So, why give everything up here and move there  instead of just staying here and visiting there? I don’t know. Do you?

Back to comfort food. Krispy Kreme donuts fit the bill as well. It’s nice to know others in various parts of the country can now experience these delights. They just melt in your mouth and before you know it — you’ve eaten four or five of them. I didn’t buy any donuts last week. It’s a good thing, or I would have gained more.

I think everyone should go on a comfort food kick for a couple of days each month. And they should do it without the guilt. Guilt is awful. It eats away at your mind, body and spirit. So screw guilt, I say. What do you say? lol



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4 responses to “Ahhhh – Comfort Food

  1. Moving??? To South America??? Wow — you don’t just move across the street, do you?


    • Hi Jean, Thanks for stopping by. Well, let’s see – my last major move was from South Korea to Georgia. Then to South Carolina. Actually, the only reason I’m considering moving to Central America is because of being close to the ocean at a much lower cost than I could find in San Diego (the best climate for those with COPD). If I could afford a place there, I’d be gone tomorrow, but I just can’t!

  2. Screw guilt indeed! Great blog. I look forward to reading more.

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