swallotail butterfly

Giant Swallowtail grateful for the butterfly bush in my yard!

It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog. I just haven’t had any ideas and have lacked motivation. Odd, that, since folks seem to like what I write. But finally today, my muse is working again. Thank God.

Being grateful is the last thing we think of if we’re going through hard times. It doesn’t matter how old we are, what our circumstances are, or what our level of education is. When times are tough, all we can think of is “Poor me;” “Why is this happening to me?;” or “This isn’t fair. Life isn’t fair to me.”

Of course life isn’t fair. It seems as if it takes forever for us to learn that simple lesson. Life is not a court of law where God metes out a sentence for us to serve.  Life is, well, just life. We can take it as it comes and try to make the best of it, or we can complain our way into old age and then look back wondering what happened.

But gratitude is such an incredible feeling if we will wrap our arms around it, embrace it as if it is our soul mate, and look up to Heaven believing that we are blessed.

When I feel blue, I make a gratitude list. I start out with three things per day and keep it up for as long as two weeks. The things I’m grateful for can be typical, ordinary things that I often take for granted: arms, legs, fingers, toes (even if they do need a pedicure!), eyes to see, ears to hear, and a voice to speak (some may think I speak the wrong thing at the wrong time, but that’s on them!).

I move to other things like having a roof over my head, a bed in which to sleep, and food in my fridge. Once I get going on my list, it’s really hard to stop and to limit it to three things a day. I take my list, look at it each morning and concentrate on being grateful. And, of course, the people in my life: family, friends, strangers I haven’t met yet!

It’s amazing how fast my feelings of self-pity disappear when I stay in an attitude of gratitude. God has blessed me beyond belief. When I remember that, I’m much more likely to have a smile on my face.

What are you grateful for today? I’d love to read the beginning of your list.



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12 responses to “Gratitude

  1. Hi Elli,
    Thank you for your post on my blog pjsgems 🙂 I went to your blog site and I really enjoyed ready your writings.
    I would love to get published but don’t know much about it.
    I would like to put my info and put in email etc. But I think it got lost in cyber space 🙂
    Please email me and I can email you with some questions I have ‘re: writings.
    pjsgems / Peggy Dorman /

  2. I just LOVE your sense of fun! Thanks for the reminder of gratitude everyday! Have an awesome week….I am thinking of you and sending Many Blessings….Barbara xxxx PS My list always starts with ‘I love myself’ all of me – just the way I am….and then I move onto my wonderful daughter and my two grandchildren, my whole family tree, my soul family and my wonderful guides and those who talk to me from Spirit, then gratitiude always for my Lovely Home and my Fabulous Car and the cat who doesn’t live here, but visits and eats here! I can go on for ages…but I am always grateful for my body too, the fact that I am actually still breathing is a good thing! Thanks! Angel Hugs from my heart to yours…..

  3. I’ll find myself shouting at my children for being naughty or pulling my hair out at my 11-year-old full-on pre-teens son, but when at night they are in their beds, there is nothing better than gazing at them sleeping, alll their innocence restored. It is very calming, very therapeutic, and reminds why I love them so very much even though. So I’m grateful for having 3 beautiful children in my life.

  4. Grateful for finding insight in my selective procrastination … 🙂 which I will write about sooner or later.

  5. The muses always work when there is an attitude of gratitude
    in ones heart,

    Love, hugs and prayers…ME and the Boss

  6. Birds at my window, leaves on the ground, quiet.

  7. So long Ellie. Thank you for all your wonderful words. Hate to see you leave this earth.

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