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The REALLY Hard Decisions

Bootsie and Annie, my sweet pets


Life’s a bowl of cherries, right? Well, sure, but all cherries have pits, although some have their pits removed.

What’s the hardest decision you ever made? What was the outcome? I wish you’d share with me in the comments section or by email.

Maybe your hard decision was about letting someone go through divorce or otherwise. Perhaps it was about saying no to a child who kept depending on you. It could be that it was leaving a place behind and starting somewhere new. Maybe it was about turning off life support or selling a home.

When we’re young, the “hard” decisions seem like a piece of cake to us when we’re older. “What college should I attend?” “Do I want to accept this job or that one?” “Should I ask her to marry me on Valentine’s Day, or should I wait until the end of the school year?”

Looking back, those types of choices seem so easy to me today. Don’t worry about what college you’ll attend, just make sure you go. Take the job with the best benefits. Ask her to marry you on Valentine’s Day…it’s romantic. Smile.

But the older we get, it seems the harder the decisions get. So we talk with friends and/or family, research the heck out of it, and finally, it seems – in desperation – we talk to God. Sometimes we wait on God’s guidance and sometimes we don’t. I like it when I wait. The outcome of the hard decision always seems to have a bit of a glow on it then – God’s glow.

I’m facing a hard decision right now. Do I keep or let go of my two wonderful cats? My babies. My rescue babies. My precious kitties who know when I”m upset and who snuggle next to me every night. My fabulous animals who chase each other up and down the hall and then one of them will wait around the corner so she can pounce on the other.

Because, you see, this darned COPD is not well enough yet. And every night I cough, and every day the cat hair build up all over the house and I’m afraid my sweet babies are making/keeping me sick.

How do I make a decision like this? It’s certainly not necessary to talk with friends and family about it. I KNOW the right thing to do, because my doctor told me so and because of how I feel. I just don’t know how I can live without them.

Yep – I’ll turn this one over to God tonight. It’s too big for me. And I know that if I listen carefully, God will not only let me know what to do, but He’ll also give me the strength to do it and survive it, maybe feeling even better than I do today.



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One Brief Shining Moment

Camelot. A beautiful and stirring musical. If you don’t remember the title song, here’s a link to it so you can listen to it while you read my blog (it will open up in another page).

One brief shining moment. Ever had one? Of course you have. We all have. Maybe it was the time your fifth grade teacher praised your work. You knew you’d done a good job, but you never expected his or her praise.

Perhaps it was the time you planted a garden. After it had time to grow, you looked out at it and thought, “This is so beautiful. And I played a big part in making it so!.”

One of your brief, shining moments may have been the day your son or daughter was born. If you’re a woman, you probably thought, “What a miracle. This beautiful baby actually grew inside me.” If you’re a man, you may have said to yourself, “I can’t believe I had a part in this incredible moment.”

A brief shining moment could have occurred when you graduated from school, got a raise or promotion at your job,¬† played a part in a school or professional play, had someone call you and compliment you on something, and they’d never even met you in person!

Brief and shining moments happen all the time, don’t they? Another example is you making a decision to marry the person you love or moving to a different place because you know there is more opportunity there. And, they are not dependent on another person. That’s the same as saying another person can’t make you happy. Happiness¬† comes from within.

What would happen if you wrote down your list of brief shining moments and carried it around with you? Then, when you felt yourself getting upset by another person, place or thing, you could pull out your list and take yourself back to one of those moments.

I think our lives would have much less stress in them if we all did this on a regular basis. After all, who could stay upset knowing they’re in “Camelot” for one brief shining moment?


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