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Articulate, diligent, hardworking professional with more than 15 years experience as a writer, editor and teacher. Background includes magazine and newspaper writing, ghostwriting, copywriting and contributing to books.

Professional Experience

Self-Employed – Hayward, CA, South Korea, Atlanta, GA and Spartanburg, SC – 1997 to Present

Created articles for Web and print publications, as well as newsletters, Web content, and other kinds of documents, for various companies including IT, advertising, financial and training, among others. Also performed editing services for print as well as online magazines. Also taught ESL in South Korea for two years. Tutor in ESL and writing.

Writing projects include:

* Created articles for Benefits Selling Magazine, Benefits and Compensation Magazine, Promo Magazine, Good News Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine, Athens Banner-Herald (Athens, GA), Cape Cod Times, the Korea Times, ComputerEdge Magazine, , and more on various subjects including insurance, gardening, human resources, health, travel, immigration, mortgages, home loans, identity theft, and IT.

*Articles for USAToday Travel Tips section: Fukuoka, Japan; Yellowstone Park; Seoul, Korea Transportation; Costa Rica Trip Advice (type this in Google for more – “Ellie Kuykendall USAToday” (without the quotation marks)

* Created Atlanta City travel guide for Octopus Travel (Type Atlanta in the search box to see guide)

* Travel articles for (type my name in search box)

* Created business book reviews for Swiss Air and website reviews for Encyclopedia Britannica Online.

* Created health articles for bank newsletters

Editing projects include:

* Worked as an editor and writer for Hispanic Promo, a monthly newsletter for Alternative and Innovative Marketing, LLC.

* Worked as an associate editor and writer for Benefits and Compensation Solutions Magazine.

* Worked as a copyeditor for Saint Martin’s Press.

* Worked as managing editor,, and Recruited and managed freelancers, wrote feature articles, and edited photos, edited freelance content, promoted site, worked at live events.

* Worked as editor-in-chief for Recruited and managed more than 145 freelance writers, developed and wrote site content, editing of content provided by freelancers, and acquisition of major content suppliers’ content acquisition for package sales. Performed customer support, registration and other managerial duties.

* Worked as assistant editor and writer for Recruited more than 60 freelancers and wrote buying guides.
* Worked as contract editor for PT Magazine and Atlanta Latino newspaper.

Teaching Experience includes:

* Created several complete ESL lessons for English First, a notable ESL organization

* Taught ESL in South Korea for two years and at Duke University for one summer.

* Taught creative writing in Fayetteville, GA.

* Substitute teacher in Fayetteville, GA and Union, SC.

Personal Achievement

* Contributing Author, 1001 Things Everyone Should Know About Irish American History, Doubleday, 2001.

* Contributing Author, Teaching Holocaust Studies with the Internet, Social Studies Services, July, 1997.
* Contributing Author, How to Teach World History and Multicultural Issues with the Internet, Social Studies Services, September 1997.

* Contributing Editor, A Concise Dictionary of Architectural and Design History, by Frederic Jones, 1992.


University of San Francisco, CA – 1984

B.S., Triple major: English, psychology, and natural sciences

Excellent references and other samples available on request.


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  1. Tom McCubbin

    Impressive resume! You’ve done so many things! Wonderful!

  2. Mariela Cajiga

    WOW! Ellie really impressive!! I am going to follow your blogs because they seem very interesting and informational! thanks again!

  3. Mariela Cajiga

    your welcome Ellie!! same here I am also looking forwards to know you more!!

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