Turn Your Face to the Sun

Lady scarecrow in Dahlonega, Georgia, 2012, Ellie Kuykendall

Lady scarecrow in Dahlonega, Georgia, 2012, Ellie Kuykendall

When I visited Dahlonega, Georgia this fall with my dear friend Mary Jo, the city was having a scarecrow festival. So many unique and charming scarecrows would surely bring the birds in to see them, rather than scaring the birds away!

How was your autumn this year? Mine had its ups and downs, just like my life in general. I was privileged to go to Waynesville, North Carolina, with a high school friend. Our stated purpose was to see the fall colors in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We did that. We also ate wonderful food, had long talks, and he even listened to me cry a couple of times. We hadn’t spend any time together since high school, really, and we were not looking for romance with each other. Just friends, thanks. And isn’t just having a friend a wonderful thing in itself?

When I picked out the main photo for this blog entry, the lady above seemed perfect. She has her face turned toward the sun.  Is your face turned toward the sun? Mine is, at least most of the time.

“But what about when it’s raining, snowing or foggy,” you ask.

The sun is always there. You can turn your face that way on any day. When you do it, you alter your face, because who can resist smiling on a bright and sunny day? Who wouldn’t laugh in delight when looking at crowds of cumulus clouds in a bright blue sky?

It is not always easy to keep your attitude positive when you feel like you’re being bombarded by the hard times in life, whether they be financial, relationship-oriented, work-related, family matters or health issues. But what’s your alternative?

You can go around frowning.  Sniveling. Shrugging your shoulders. Wrinkling your eyebrows.  Screaming as if you are watching a horror movie. Crying a river of tears with no rowboat in sight. Have an argument with someone. Kick the ball so hard it bursts.

Options? Not for me. I’d rather turn my face toward the sun and feel God’s love shining down on me. How about you?




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5 responses to “Turn Your Face to the Sun

  1. A Dog With Fleas

    You are so right in your post!! 🙂 And I love your attitude. I too agree that just by turning your face towards the sun can change your attitude. And life seems so much better when you have a positive attitude then thinking of the negative. Thanks for the reminder. And your trip sounds wonderful. Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m looking forward to catching up on your posts.

  2. Darius

    I love sunny days so much and basking in the sun that I have been known on a cloudy day just to look and search out any speck of light and concentrate on it to see if perchance it might mean the clouds are moving out and the sun will make it grand appearance for the day (sometimes it works!).

  3. Me, too, Ellie. Praise the Lord for the SUN and the SON!

  4. I agree – every morning, I wake up, look up, pray up to stay up and keep my face turned to the sun!

  5. And really, is it any more work to turn your face? No. The truth is quite often it is LESS work than it is to remain embroiled in darkness.

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